About Us

When people ask how I got started on my soap journey. I smile and tell them it really began when I was a child,but didn’t take fruit until randomly passing by a bookstore in the mid-90s and finding a book on handmade soapmaking.

As a child, well even as an adult I suffer from poor kidney function which really affected my skin making it extremely dry. Many years of medicated creams had no effect on me. All skincare we had access to was the commercially available brands. and although they are great cleansers, they just had no remaining moisturizing value.

So on a whim I decided to make my first handmade soap and, for the very first time, I lost the constant itchiness and the feeling that “my skin was too tight on me” feeling. I am sure many of you can understand how overjoyed I was!

We really started to get popular once our products were selected to be in the gift bags of the press and celebrities who attended GBK’s Oscars Gift Lounge. From that moment on we decided to branch out and grow a little larger and join Etsy and other social media platforms.

We know you will enjoy what we have created for your skin as we have taken years of experience and a little bit of creative flair in our choice of ingredients, colors and textures.

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