What does SoGa mean?

SoGa is short for “The Soap Gallery”. We had this brilliant idea when while attempting to register this business name, it was rejected. Our genius daughter suggested So-Ga, and it stuck!

What are our normal turnaround times?

Due to a rapid increase in sales this past year, we have had to implement some rules to guard both your sanity and ours.

We maintain a large amount of each item ready to be shipped and normal turnaround  is 2-3 days. We ship either with Canada Post or with Greyhound for large/wholesale orders. This helps us maintain our flat-rate shipping and low prices for our vegan artisan products.

For large or custom orders our turnaround time is as follows:
Non-soap: 1 week
Soap:4-6 weeks

Please keep this in mind when ordering.

How does flat shipping work?


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